Solutions Grooming Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s your first time to get your puppy into dog grooming, the suggested time is 16 weeks.
It usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to groom pets of any breed.
Here’s our dog grooming full package:

Small (2-10 lbs): $65
Medium (10-40 lbs): $75
Large (40-100 lbs): $85
XL (100 lbs+): $100

  • Anal gland release: $10
  • Dog sitting in your home: $90 per night
  • Marco Island, Bonita, Fort Meyers, Travel fee: $15

No, your dog won’t be put in a crate.
No, we do not use drying cages for dogs either.
No, we do not use drying cages for dogs either. You don’t have to worry! The grooming treatment can be done in your home. 
No, we do not prefer you to stay or watch while your pet is being groomed because they may get a lot more anxious. 
You can bring a leash with your pooch for their treatment.
Our recommended maintenance groom for your pet is at least every 2 weeks.
Yes, you need an appointment as dogs usually need a nail trimming every 2 weeks.
Yes, we accept pet grooming for dogs of any age including old ones.
Yes, we will do our best to treat your dog kindly and use our best knowledge and expertise upon pet behavior.
If you are not happy with our dog services, we offer a money back guarantee.
We accept payments through cash, check, venmo, or cash app.
We pet sit any and all kinds!
Our dog sitting services cost $90 per night.
Yes, we can give your dog medications depending on their needs and health priority.
Yes, we offer service pets sitting over the holidays as well!
We come to your home in the evening, spend the night, and leave in the morning. Extra charges apply if you don’t want your dog left alone for more than 4 hours.
Yes, we can take out the garbage bins on trash collection days.
You may schedule visits over the phone.
Any time you want. But on average, once every few hours.  
Yes, we also have backup sitters.  
Yes, we offer phone or text support even when you are away.
Our operation hours are between 7am-8pm Monday through Friday.
Our experience is over for 10 years!
Yes, you will be able to meet with your dog sitter before you leave town. You just need to set a scheduled appointment.
Your pet will be taken to the vet if there is an emergency. You will be given a phone call to be consulted. 
However you prefer. It depends on your standard grounds on how you want them to be handled.