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About Solution Grooming

Hey, I’m Ella, and this whole adventure started with my little guy named Leroy. He had a tough time with traditional grooming setups, and it left us both feeling uneasy. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn to groom Leroy myself. That was eight years ago now.

Grooming at home totally changed the game for us. He went from anxious to chilled out, even though he still doesn’t love getting groomed.. but our bond grew stronger and his anxiety went down significantly. Seeing how much happier he was and how uncomplicated it was, got me thinking—why not share this peace of mind with other pet parents in Naples?

And here we are, growing faster than I ever imagined! It’s such a blast
adding new furry pals to the mix and giving them a spa day right in their own living room.

In-home grooming might sound like a big deal, but honestly, it’s a breeze. All we need is a bit of counter space and a stand-up sink. While we mostly focus on the little guys, we’re not afraid to tackle a bigger breed now and then. We just skip the bath if they’re too hefty.

Our sessions usually take around an hour, and most of the time, we’ve got it covered without needing a hand. But hey, if your pup wants you around for moral support, we’re all for it.


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