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Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog is one of the most important things you can do as a good dog owner. Of course, it’s definitely something that’s not easy to do, especially if you have a big dog. It will be time-consuming and you may not have the necessary tools to ensure a complete grooming process. Let us take care of that for you. Once we’re done grooming your dog, not only will they look great, they’ll also feel pretty awesome. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy cuddling with them again with healthier, softer fur, better-smelling breath, and trimmed toenails!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a variety of services, including cutting excess hair, clipping nails, untangling the hair, cleaning ears, brushing teeth, and so much more. We have different packages that include these services – give us a call to find out more.
You need to prepare a space where your dog will feel most comfortable. It should also be a space you don’t mind getting dirty for a while, since it will be filled with cut hair and other things. But as for the equipment, don’t worry about them – we will bring the necessary tools and accessories required for grooming your dog.
Sorry, we don’t do hairstyling. Our priority is trimming your dog’s fur to keep them clean and fresh, according to the breed’s needs.
Rest assured that our first priority is the comfort and well-being of your dog. We’ll work slowly to not agitate your pet, and try to provide as much positive reinforcement as possible. If your dog has any special requirements about handling, do let us know so that we can create a positive experience for it during grooming.

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